June 11, 2015 · 7 min read

Spinous Process Fixation Animation Case Study: Spineology VIA

Project: VIA Spinous Process Fixation Device Animation for Spineology, Inc.

MISSION: Create an animation of the features and benefits of the VIA spinous process fixation device in context with posterior spinal anatomy. Special emphasis will be put to focus on the adjustable width clamping anchors and use with and without the interspinous and supraspinous ligament.

[vimeo 103550385 w=500 h=281]

SOLUTION: Working closely, and discreetly with Spineology’s Garrett Ganske, we conceived of an animation that would break the visual paradigm for previous animations. When Garrett brought his concept of building a feature focused animation of their latest offering for Spinous Process Fixation, VIA, we couldn’t wait to get started. Blending some really skillful anatomic modeling and texturing by Allison Howle with the technical creativity of our lighting/shading dept resulted in a finished animation that did more than break paradigms.

The special attention to anatomic detail and contrast sensitivity, along with a really appropriate music track had dramatic effect. With this piece as a foundation, we have now evolved Spineology’s animation solutions to successfully integrate focused storytelling with beautiful visuals. Since producing VIA we have completed a number of new animations in this way, and are looking forward to the next.

This animation is a solid example of the creative power of collaboration between our client’s and our animation production team. When we are able to dream with our clients, beautiful things happen. Contact us today to get started with our expert team.

COMPLETED: July, 2014

BUDGET: ≈ $15,000-$20,000