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An In-Depth Understanding of Complex Biomedical Processes

The medical illustrators at Ghost Productions are talented artists with specialized education and training in medicine and science. They have an in-depth understanding of complex biomedical processes and the ability to create accurate visualizations like digital medical illustrations that are informative and engaging. By working in a collaborative process with physicians, scientists, and content specialists, our medical illustration company creates medical illustrations used for patient education, training tools, scientific research, public relations efforts and marketing campaigns.

3D computer rendering revolutionized the creation of digital medical illustrations by medical illustration companies. The resulting images are more accurate. A talented medical illustrator creates these images in a fraction of the time at a lower cost when compared to traditional medical illustration. Furthermore, it takes less effort and expense to modify medical digital illustrations on a computer (e.g., surgical instruments can be replaced and camera angles can be changed).

Ghost Productions capitalizes on the power of computer-rendered medical illustrations for the benefit of our clients by making it easy to capture single frames from the animation. Because animation runs at 30 frames per second, this means that every minute of animation we produce contains the equivalent of 1,800 high-definition medical illustrations. Each frame also serves as an individual scientific illustration if desired, at no additional charge.

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