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Surgeon in New York

Live Surgical Training in Conducted Remotely in VR with Wraithmatrix

  • Conduct more medical device sales demonstrations than ever before with surgeons all over the world. VR Headsets can be shipped overnight to surgeons and join sales reps in a surgical demonstration right away from any distance
  • Surgical trainings can be hosted thousands of miles apart at a fraction of the cost of a cadaver lab
  • Up to 8 users can join a remotely hosted virtual surgery simulation
  • Voice communications recorded by headset onboard microphone
  • Surgical instrumentation can be passed from user to user and multiple users can assist as easily as in a real surgical operating room
  • Any type of surgery can be simulated and joined remotely via the internet
  • Laser pointers help draw attention for teaching purposes

Virtually Join Surgeons in a Virtual Surgery from Anywhere on the Planet using our multiuser VR Simulation Software, the WraithMatrix

WraithMatrix is our own remote telepresence platform that provides a remarkably realistic surgical simulation between multiple users connected via the internet. WraithMatrix has been tested to allow up to 8 users to engage in a fully immersive virtual surgery without noticeable lag. WraithMatrix allows users to talk, hear, and see each other and collaboratively interact with a virtual patient.

Users can pick up tools and hand them to another person just as they would in the real world. This VR Elearning software provides uniquely powerful tools, like laser pointers and a holographic projector to help sales representatives guide surgeons through a medical procedure. Use the laser pointer to draw visual attention to instrumentation and anatomy just as you would in the real world, or conjure the holoprojector to show internal anatomy as the surgeon interacts with the virtual patient.

medical device sales rep shows a surgeon how to perform a minimally invasive spinal surgery in VR

Engage in a Surgical Demonstration in about 60 Seconds

Once you start using Wraith-VR , our virtual reality simulation software, and WraithMatrix remote surgical simulations as part of your sales arsenal, you’ll immediately discover how quickly it provides results. How long does it take you to move from gaining the interest of a customer to actually scheduling a surgical demonstration? A day? A week? Months?

With WraitMatrix, the average time it takes to turn on a headset and begin engaging with another person in a virtual surgery is 1 minute. WraithMatrix gives you the power to demonstrate your products under the best possible conditions. This VR Elearning software also helps you educate any customer, anywhere in the world, and at anytime they want to meet. Given that it only takes about a minute to launch into a WraithMatrix shared virtual surgery, you now have the power to fully engage with a customer on the fly.

Wraith-VR headset and hand controllers Neo3

Overnight a Surgeon a Headset and Join them in VR Surgery the next Day

FedEx a VR headset preloaded with your Wraith-VR surgical simulation to a lead and you can engage with them in less time than it takes to book and board a flight. When you can’t be there in person, mail your customers a headset and work with them remotely in a shared virtual surgery.

Nothing is faster, easier, or more convenient than meeting in VR thanks to this virtual reality simulation software. Nearly everything done in an actual product demonstration, guided training, or onsite surgery can be simulated in the WraithMatrix remote telepresence platform. Wraith-VR surgical simulations and WraithMatrix remote telepresence allow you to connect with your clients in a fully immersive experience that must be experienced in person to properly appreciate. Book a demonstration with Ghost Productions to test drive WraithMatrix for yourself.

medical device sales rep hands a surgical instrument to a surgeon in vr

Watch an entire surgical training taking place 1500 miles apart

In this movie a medical device sales rep in Boston guides a surgeon through an entire spinal surgery.

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