Uses of VR in Surgical Training

Oh The Cases We Can Do in Virtual Surgery

Ghost Productions’ Wraith-VR infrastructure efficiently and creatively demonstrates complex medical concepts and surgical procedures. Not only does it provide innovation, but it is also highly functional. This integration has proven itself time and again of its value-add to the medical industry.

Benefits include:
• Facilitates surgical training
• Colleague Collaboration is improved; Eliminating travel and making it easier to communicate with clients
• Allows sales rep to engage in medical sales remotely
• Ghost sends VR headsets to reps and can virtually launch presentations
• Maintains a safe distance without sacrificing ease of use to continue completing sales
• Nearly any type of surgical procedure can be simulated in virtual reality
• Multi-user surgical simulation for difficult or new surgeries
• And more!

When utilizing Wraith-VR Surgical and Medical Simulation, the application of medical innovation creates a space allowing for hands-on learning and efforts are shown to continue to push the medical industry forward with the sale of new medical products. Medical sales reps can avoid the downturn of sales due to industry fluctuations and COVID and focus instead on providing new and groundbreaking products. Other applications include demonstrations of surgical procedures, applications of medical devices, and novel instrumentation of products. Through VR capabilities, as many as 8 doctors are able to collaborate with headsets in a virtual operating room on a single, virtual patient. This Seuss-like animation parody delves into how the industry changes can be easily mitigated with Wraith-VR from Ghost Productions. Contact Ghost Productions today to learn more about VR options for your next project!

VR Surgical Training