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We make 3D medical animation that explains surgical devices and pharmaceutical products. We're fast, accurate, and produce high quality content for training, marketing, and sales.

Ghost Productions and Medical Animation

Ghost Productions is recognized as a leading 3D medical animation, VR surgical simulation and interactive media company. A medical animator is a highly skilled computer visualization specialist who also has extensive knowledge of medical concepts. The staff members working in the medical animation production studio of Ghost Productions are skilled artists, animators, programmers, and developers who understand anatomy, biological processes and medical science. The combination of this medical knowledge and skills in creating 3D computer animation is necessary to produce an accurate and detailed 3D medical animated video.

Medical Animations

3D medical animations & videos serve as training tools and are useful for product demonstration purposes.

Science Animations

An excellent use of scientific animation is to visually show complex scientific concepts.

Surgery Animation

3D medical animations makes it possible to easily explain surgical procedures.

Latest Works

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Why Choose 3D Medical Video Animation?

The medical and scientific uses for 3D video animation are endless. Technology improves year after year, allowing our medical animation production to develop leading material that keeps your company on the competitive edge. Whether you’re trying to offer the most beneficial devices and procedures to your patients for successful treatment, explain a new device to potential investors or train a group of medical students to take the medical industry to the next level.

More Effective Training

When it comes to medical and pharmaceutical fields, students need to learn more than what it would take just to pass a test. They’ll be applying the information for years to come, sometimes in life-or-death situations. They need to learn rapidly, and the constantly developing medical and science fields require more effective teaching tools than textbooks of the past. With 3D medical animation videos, they can quickly learn processes and information.

Quick Demonstrations

Slow-moving slides and textbooks don’t get the job done when it comes to teaching complex information to a variety of audiences. If you need a patient to consider a new medical device so they can get the best treatment for them, you need the ability to explain complex anatomy, conditions and tools in the least time-consuming manner. Our medical animation production team translates complex medical concepts into compelling media to engage the audience and explain these topics.

Successful Pitches

Not every person you need to buy into a demonstration will have advanced medical knowledge or even interest. At Ghost Productions, we strive to bring medicine to life in our 3D medical and scientific animations by incorporating an artistic style and relatable characters where appropriate. Including a narrative can interest audience members and help them engage with what they’re watching, making them more likely to buy a product, invest in a device or decide on the proper course of treatment.

Ghost Productions 3D Medical Animation Studio

Ghost Productions has nearly 20 years of experience producing 3D medical animation videos for many different medical specialties including cardiologyorthopedics, oncology, dermatology and cosmetic medicine, ophthalmology, urology and obstetricspharmacology, cranial and many others. We also produce dental and veterinary animations.

Ghost Productions helps you achieve your training, education and medical device marketing goals by delivering medical animations that tell your story with accuracy in breathtaking quality. With 3D computer medical animation, anything that can be imagined is possible to create in a way that is compelling, educational, entertaining and engaging. By choosing Ghost Productions as your strategic creative partner, the possibilities are endless.

medical illustration of a aortic heart valve

Free Estimates and Proposals

We want you to be able to plan for our 3D medical animation video production without worrying about your budgetary restrictions, which is why we offer accurate, timely estimates and proposals for you to consider before proceeding with development.

Easy Production Review

Our streamlined review tools allow our clients to easily review and interact with their products. 

Cooperative Explanations

You don’t have to have experience in the design field or in-depth knowledge about 3D medical animation software when you choose our company. We’re easy to work with no matter your experience level or specific needs.