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August 4, 2015 · 8 min read

Extracellular Matrix Animation Case Study: Hollister Endoform

Project: Extracellular Matrix Animation for Hollister Wound Care

MISSION: Create a visually compelling representation of a native ECM that is degraded from the inflammatory cycle. Then show the effect of using the Endoform ECM bandage to interrupt the inflammatory cycle and help a chronic wound heal.

[vimeo 64266155 w=500 h=281]

SOLUTION: Initial production focused on solving one of Hollister’s main education challenges, to help comprehend the details of the inflammatory cycle; Establish the stages of the cycle, explaining the roll of the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) proteins. Then we wanted to show how the Endoform sacrificial extracellular matrix (ECM) helps draw away MMP’s, allowing the wound to retain new collagen fibers in the native ECM and help heal a chronic wound.

We met with a number of specialists to discuss how best to portray the collagen fibers and MMP’s. We settled on the triple coiled version in the final piece. We built a number of dynamic systems but found that a simple wire deformer and solid animation worked best. The modeling of the native ECM was also an interesting challenge. Our Maya Rigger, Jake Knight, developed a creative spline randomizer that we still use in our current animation pipeline.

We went on to produce a few versions of this animation for Hollister showing the wound granulating and a time-lapse showing the wound healing process over a couple weeks. The Endoform is a very effective answer to healing chronic wounds. We’re glad to have contributed to their marketing and education process and wish them the best in the future. The full version of the animation can be seen at their Endoform webpage:

COMPLETED: February, 2013

BUDGET: ≈ $30,000-$35,000